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Founded by Professional Surfer/Shaper Rocky McKinnon. Rocky is an accomplished waterman who has gained success and notoriety throughout the years by, at one time, being ranked one of the top 10 longboarders in the nation to multiple magazine cover shots. He has also been featured in television interviews and commercials as well as surf videos.

He is also known for his abilities to shape high performance and high quality surfboards and stand up paddle boards. These boards from McKinnon Shapes & Designs are featured in many of his lessons and are one of the key factors in creating a successful experience.


McKinnon Surf & SUP Lessons provides premium surf and stand-up paddle board lessons utilizing professional surfing and paddling experience with quality equipment to ensure success.

When participating in a lesson, everyone will have a successful enjoyable experience because they are provided with ergonomically correct equipment fit for body type and skill level and surrounded by a team that are professional and proficient in the activities provided.



Darren has supported Operation Amped Foundation for many years. Storing trailers or in the water working with our warriors, he always has a smile and a winning attitude. We are blessed to have such great support in our community.


Darren owns and operates Klassen Painting, San Diego's premier full-service painting company since 1991. Offering residential and commercial painting along with specialty jobs to meet all of your painting needs. Check out our website at for more information and photos of some of the work we have done.


Klassen Painting

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